The main objective of the IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical design and analysis for Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies is to provide possibilities for a joint discussion of fundamental, computational, and applied problems in the new scientific area by leading specialists in mechanics, mathematics, physics and technology, facilitate the exchange of recent ideas and achievements, and work out the main directions of further development.

The symposium program includes topics such as AM theory and principles, methods for mechanical research of AM fabricated parts, mechanical design for optical fabrication, laser sintering and melting, electro-beam melting, fused deposition modeling, fused filament fabrication, laminated object manufacturing, and electrolytic formation, etc.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical, experimental, and computational problems of AM
    • AM theory and principles
    • Methods for the solution of main boundary value problems
    • Experimental methods for research of AM fabricated parts
    • Development of numerical methods for AM processes
    • Digital design for AM fabrication
  • Additive manufacturing of metals
    • Direct metal laser sintering
    • Selective laser melting
    • Electron beam melting
    • Laser engineering net shape
    • Electron beam additive manufacturing
    • Binder jetting
    • Nanoparticle jetting
  • Plastic 3D printing
    • Selective laser sintering
    • Multi jet fusion
    • Material jetting
    • Stereolithography
    • Digital light processing
    • Continuous digital light processing
  • Other AM technologies
    • Laminated object manufacturing
    • Drop on demand
    • Electrolytic formation
    • Fused deposition modeling
    • 3D printing of concrete structures
  • Adjacent problems
    • Crystal growth
    • Growth of biological tissues
    • Accretion problems
    • Phase transitions
    • Solidification of melts