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Laboratory of Computational Engineering

Research Topics

  • maintenance and development of the computing equipment, networking and system software;
  • computer security support;
  • development of iterative methods for solving elliptic equations on massively parallel computer systems;
  • development of parallelization methods for CFD applications;
  • development of numerical methods and codes for the simulation of incompressible inviscid flows and heat/mass transfer processes in enclosures;
  • investigation of convective interactions in melts in models of crystal growth.


linear systems, iterative methods, numerical simulation, parallelization, heat/mass transfer, flow stability, computer security.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Nikolay E. IsikovPh.D.Head of Laboratory35614-84+7 495 434 3525isikov
Oleg A. Bessonov Senior Researcher30212-62+7 495 434 2070bess
Hisam H. IlyasovPh.D.Senior Researcher30212-62+7 495 434 2070ilyasov
Alexander L. Levitin Leading Programmer30212-62+7 495 434 2070alex_lev
Roalda L. Shlyago Senior Electronic Eng.24713-96+7 495 434 2091 
Andrey S. Sadilin Engineer284