A. Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics, RAS
Laboratory for the Mechanics of Natural Hazards

Dobrokhotov Sergey Yurievich

Head of Laboratory for the Mechanics of Natural Hazards

Professor and Chair
Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Methods of Physics
Faculty of Nanotechnologies and Informatics
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Tel.: +7 495 434-34-92, +7 495 433-75-44
Tel.: 3-52, 3-87 (internal)
Tel.: +7 495 434-32-38 (secretary)
Fax: +7 499 739-95-31
email: dobr@ipmnet.ru
web-page: http://www.ipmnet.ru/~dobr

Detailed CV (pdf-file)


  • MS-level (1973)
  • PhD (1977)
  • Full Doctor (1989)

Academic status

  • Professor (1992)


  • Moscow High School No. 2 (1967)
  • Moscow Institute of Electronics
    and Mathematics (1977)

Member in Editorial boards

  • Mathematical Notes, Deputy Editor (Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics (Nauka–Interperiodica, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Member in Academic (Graduation) Councils

  • Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Nanotechnologies and Informatics of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Scientific Interests

  1. Asymptotic methods and adiabatic approximations in linear and nonlinear partial differential equations [1–9].
  2. Semiclassical methods in linear multidimensional spectral problems. Equations of quantum mechanics. Tunnel effects. Quantum mechanics of nanostructures [10–17].
  3. Averaging, normal forms, and resonances [18–20].
  4. Wave propagation and propagation of singularities in linear and nonlinear inhomogeneous media. Waves and vortices in geophysical hydrodynamics [21–23].
  5. Linear and nonlinear water waves over nonuniform and elastic bottom [24–30].
  6. Wave interactions and turbulence effects. Navier-Stokes equations [31–33].


Some publications pertaining to the aforementioned topics A–F are listed below. For the full list, which includes over 125 scientific papers, see my CV.


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