On September 27, 2013
Vladimir Kukudzhanov
passed away
at the age of eighty-one
Vladimir N. Kukudzhanov
D.Habil., Ph.D., M.S.,
Honoured Professor and Principal Research Scientist at the Department of Modeling in Solid Mechanics
Russian version
Vladimir Kukudzhanov
Vladimir Kukudzhanov

Curriculum vitae

Born: October 4, 1931

Education and Degrees:

Professional Status:


Honours, Awards and Prizes:

Scientific interests and Publications:

Prof. V.N.Kukudzanov is the author of about 300 scientific works (books, papers, abstracts) devoted to different problems of computational mechanics and mathematics, theory of plasticity, nonlinear waves propagation, micromechanics, damage mechanics, elasticity and other fields of mechanics. He is the author of scientific monographs:

  1. Numerical Continuum Mechanics. De Gruyter, 2012. xviii, 425 pages. ISBN 978-3-11-027338-0. (Details)
and in Russian:
  1. Numerical continuum mechanics. Moscow, Fizmatlit 2008. ISBN 9785-94052-163-1.
  2. Computer modeling of deformation, damage and fracture inelastic materials and structures. High School Publ., MFTI, 2008. ISBN 978-5-7417-0238-3 (Download in Russian);
  3. Numerical methods in continuum mechanics. Moscow (A course of lectures), High School Publ., MATI, 2006 (Download in Russian);
  4. Finite difference methods for the problems of solid mechanics (A course of lectures). Moscow, High School Publ., MFTI, 1992. ISBN 5-230-10881-9;
  5. Numerical methods for nonlinear problems of solid mechanics. Moscow, High School Publ., MFTI, 1990. ISBN 5-230-10778-2;
  6. Uniaxial wave propogation in rods. Moscow, Acad.Sci.Publ., 1977;
  7. Numerical solution of multidimensional waves propagation in solids. Moscow, Acad.Sci.Publ., 1976 (Download in Russian);
  8. Wave propagation in elastoplastic rods. Moscow, Acad.Sci.Publ., 1967 (Download in Russian).

List of selected recent publications in English:

  1. A.G. Bagdoev and V.N. Kukudzhanov, Kinematic Nonlinear Wave Approaches to Describing Stochastic Processes in Semiconductors, Traffic, and Micropore Motion in Fracture Mechanics, Mech. Solids. 48 (4), 450-457 (2013) (Details)
  2. A.V. Kolomiyets-Romanenko and V.N. Kukudzhanov, Damage and rupture of thick homogeneous and double-layer plates due to bending under a rigid punch, J. Appl. Math. Mech. 76 (5), 547-551 (2012) (Details)
  3. V.N. Kukudzhanov and A.V. Kolomiets-Romanenko, A Model of Thermoelectroplasticity of Variations in the Mechanical Properties of Metals Based on Defect Structure Reorganization under the Action of Pulse Electric Current, Mechanics of Solids (MTT). V.46, No.6, 2011, pp. 814-827 (Details)
  4. Kukudzhanov V.N., Kolomiets-Romanenko A.V. Evolution of plastic properties and defect structure of the metals due to the influence of thermoelctrical action. In "Topical Problems in Solid and Fluid Mechanics." Eds A.V. Manzhirov, N.K. Gupta, D.A. Indeitsev. Delhi: Elit Publ. House Pvt Ltd. 2011. P. 240-249.
  5. V.N. Kukudzhanov and A.V. Kolomiets-Romanenko. Study of the Influence of Electric Current Dynamical Action on Mechanical Properties of Materials with Ordered Structure of Defects, Mechanics of Solids (MTT). V.45, No.3, 2010, pp. 465-475. (Details)
  6. V. Kukudzhanov. The new numerically-analytic method for integrating the multiscale thermo elastoviscoplasticity equations with internal variables. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 2009. Vol. 181. 012055, 8pp. (ISSN 1742-6596, http://www.iop.org/EJ/abstract/1742-6596/181/1/012055).
  7. V.N. Kukudzhanov and V.S. Synyuk. The Numerical Modelling of Coupled Elastoviscoplastic Finite Deformation and Damage Processes using the Splitting Method , Topical Problems of Solid Mechanics. November 11-14, 2008, BITS Pilani, Goa Campus. New Delhi: IIT Delhi, 2008, pp. 367-379.
  8. V.N. Kukudzhanov and A.L. Levitin. Coupled Thermomechanical Model of Metal Cutting Processes taking into account a Fracture and a Fragmentation, Topical Problems of Solid Mechanics. November 11-14, 2008, BITS Pilani, Goa Campus. New Delhi: IIT Delhi, 2008, pp. 271-282.
  9. V.N. Kukudzhanov and A.L. Levitin. Numerical modeling of cutting processes for elastoplastic materials in 3D-statement, Mechanics of Solids (MTT), V.43, No.3 / June, 2008, pp. 494-501. (Details)
  10. V.N. Kukudzhanov. Multiscale Coupled Model of Thermoelastoviscoplasticity and Damage and its Application for Modelling Metal Forming Processes. Defence Science Journal. Vol. 58. No.2. March 2008. Special Issue "Plasticity and impact mechanics", pp. 209-219. (Details)
  11. V.N. Kukudzhanov. A new model and splitting method for the solution of equations of damaged elastoviscoplastic materials. Proceedings of 9th International Symposium on Plasticity and Impact Mechanics IMPLAST 2007 21-24 August 2007, Bochum (Germany).
  12. V.N. Kukudzhanov. A multiscale micromechanical model for modeling of damage of elastoiscoplastic materials. In Proceedings of EMMC-10 Conference "Multi-phases and multi-components materials under dynamic loading", 11-14.06.2007 Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, pp. 169-178.
  13. V.N. Kukudzhanov. Coupled models of elastoplasticity and damage and their integration, Mechanics of Solids (MTT), 2006, No. 6. (Details)
  14. V.N. Kukudzhanov. A new splitting method for the solution of nonlinear equations of damaged elastoviscoplastic materials with complicated yield condition. Proceedings WCCM-VII. Los Angeles California USA, July 16-22, 2006.
  15. V.N.Kukudzhanov and A.L.Levitin. The rheological instability in starin localization in plane elastoiplastic specimens under a tension, Mechanics of Solids (MTT), No.6, 2005. (Details)
  16. V.N.Kukudzanov. A New Numerico-analytical Method for the Solution of Elastoplastic Equations Based on the Splitting of Constitutive Equations. In book Computational Plasticity VII. Ed. D.R.T. Owen, E.Onate, B.Suarez. Barselona CIMNE 2005. (Details)
  17. N.G.Bourago and V.N.Kukudzhanov. A review of contact algorithms, Mechanics of Solids (MTT), No.1, 2005. (Details)
  18. V.N.Kukudzhanov. Decomposition method for elastoplastic equations. Mechanics of Solids (MTT), No.1, 2004. (Details)
  19. V.N.Kukudzhanov and A.L.Levitin. On dynamical boundary effect under the skew impact in elastoviscoplastic half-space. Mechanics of Solids (MTT), No.4, 2003. (Details)
  20. V.N.Kukudzanov. Surface shear strain localization and damage of elastoviscoplastic material in wave propagation problems. IMPLAST 2003. Proc. 8th Intern. Symp. Plasticity and Impact Mechanics. Ed. N.K. Gupta. New Delhi: PHOENIX Publ. House, 2003.
  21. V.N.Kukudzanov. Numerical Simulation of Plastic Strain Localization and Fracture Processes. Proc. WCCM V. Eds. H.A.Mang, F.G.Rammerstorfer, Vienna, Austria, 2002.

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