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Laboratory of Geomechanics

See also Scientific-educational center "Physical and Mathematical Modeling of Processes in Geomedia"

Research Topics

  • geomechanics of oil and gas wells;
  • mechanics of oil and gas reservoirs, increase in oil recovery, safe drilling of oil and gas wells;
  • modeling of stress-strain state and fracture of seams accounting for anisotropy of deformational and strength properties of rocks;
  • modeling of nonlinear filtration of fluids accounting for dependence of soils permeability on stress state;
  • physical modeling of deformation and fracture of rocks in the vicinity of oil and gas wells while various working regimes;
  • theoretical and experimental investigations of laws of plastic deformation of rocks under complex triaxial loading;
  • physical mechanics of surface regions of materials;
  • experimental mechanics;
  • mechanics of inhomogeneous media;
  • mechanics of bodies with coating.


rocks, oil, filtration, permeability, deformation, fracture, elasticity, plasticity, creep, modeling.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Yuri F. KovalenkoD.Sc.Head of Laboratory33413-35+7 495 434 3447perfolinkgeo
Vladimir I. KarevD.Sc.Deputy Director,
Principal Researcher
35713-83+7 495 434 3556wikarev
Anatoly V. KistovichD.Sc.Leading Researcher21113-22+7 495 434 4160kavmendeleevo
Konstantin B. UstinovD.Sc., Assoc. Prof.Leading Researcher33512-07+7 495 434 3447ustinoff127
Tatiana O. ChaplinaD.Sc.Leading Researcher21113-22+7 495 434 4160chaplina_to
Olga A. GlebovaPh.D.Senior Researcher21113-22+7 495 434 4160olga.mgu.olga
Svyatoslav O. Barkov Junior Researcher913-22+7 495 434 4160sviatoy97
Valerii V. KhimuliaPh.D.Junior Researcher913-22+7 495 434 4160valery.khim
Vasily P. Pakhnenko Junior Researcher21113-22+7 495 434 4160terkin95
Nikolay I. Shevtsov Junior Researcher10913-59+7 495 434 4160red3991
Sergej A. Fedotov Leading Engineer913-22+7 495 434 4160vtdusa
Yurij N. Semenov Senior Engineer913-22+7 495 434 4160yartur909
Anastasiya Yu. Zobnina Engineer21113-22+7 495 434 4160nastyadvolkova