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Laboratory of Mechanics of Natural Hazards

Research Topics

  1. Asymptotic methods for equations of mathematical physics and continuum mechanics. General approaches.

    1.1. Semiclassical approximation, geometric asymptotics, and ray expansions.

    1.2. Operator methods and adiabatic approximation.

    1.3. Development of analytical-numerical algorithms based on 1.1 and 1.2 for describing propagating waves and vortices as well as bound states in linear and nonlinear inhomogeneous media.

  2. Asymptotic description of wave and vortex motions in hydrodynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, gas dynamics, and plasma physics.
  3. Asymptotic theory of propagation and run-up on the shore of long oceanic waves and of propagation of mesoscale vortices in atmosphere. Application to the description of phenomena related to nature hazards such as tsunami waves, typhoons and hurricanes, and glacier motion.
  4. Application of asymptotic and operator methods to evolution and stationary problems of quantum mechanics, physics of low-dimensional systems (nanonsystems), statistical physics, and thermodynamics.


asymptotic and operator methods, continuous media, catastrophic events, quantum and statistical mechanics.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Sergey DobrokhotovD.Sc., ProfessorHead of Laboratory38213-52+7 495 434 3492dobr
Vladimir NazaikinskiiCorresponding Member of RASPrincipal Researcher40112-06+7 495 434 3695nazay
Andrey ShafarevichCorresponding Member of RASLeading Researcher38313-87+7 495 433 7544shafarev
Hisam H. IlyasovPh.D.Senior Researcher30212-62+7 495 434 2070ilyasov
Dmitrii MinenkovPh.D.Senior Researcher38514-86+7 495 433 7544minenkov.ds
Anna AlliluevaPh.D.Researcher38313-87+7 495 433 7544esina_anna
Anton TolchennikovPh.D.Researcher38514-86+7 495 433 7544tolchennikovaa
Anna TsvetkovaPh.D.Researcher38313-87+7 495 433 7544annatsvetkova25
Alexander KlevinPh.D.Junior Researcher38514-86+7 495 433 7544 
Tatiana Kruglova Mathematician 38313-87+7 495 433 7544krug
Dmitrii LozhnikovPh.D.Programmer38514-86+7 495 433 7544lozhnikov_d