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Laboratory of Thermal Gas Dynamics and Combustion

Research Topics

  • heat and mass transfer and fluid dynamics of complex reacting systems;
  • gas dynamics of large-scale industrial accidents with fires and explosions;
  • multiphase flows in heat-releasing porous media and oil reservoirs;
  • ignition, combustion and gasification of solid dispersed fuels;
  • development of theoretical models for combustion of composite propellants, including internal combustion in rocket engines;
  • fluid dynamics of turbulent reacting flows;
  • chemical fluid dynamics;
  • development of exact methods of nonlinear mechanics and mathematical physics.


fluid dynamics, combustion, fires, explosions, multiphase flows, turbulence, nonlinear mechanics, exact methods


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Sergey Evgenievich YakushCorresponding Member of RASDirector of the Institute,
Head of Laboratory
31113-31+7 495 434 9525yakush
Andrei Dmitrievich PolyaninD.Sc., ProfessorPrincipal Researcher366 +7 495 434 0195polyanin
Sergey Alexandrovich RashkovskiiD.Sc.Principal Researcher32214-01+7 495 434 3061rash
Elena Yaroslavovna SysoevaPh.D.Senior Researcher38412-07+7 495 434 2159sysoeva
Vsevolod Grigorievich SorokinPh.D.Researcher32214-01+7 495 434 3061 
Andrey Ivanovich BryzgalovPh.D.Junior Researcher32314-02+7 495 434 3061bryzgalov
Nikita Sergeevich Sivakov Junior Researcher32314-02+7 495 434 3061sivakov
Vladislav Alexandrovich Usanov Junior Researcher32314-02+7 495 434 3061usanov