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Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronics

Research Topics

  • basic research in the field of dynamics and control of robots and robotic systems;
  • optimal control in robotics;
  • manipulation robots;
  • locomotion (mobile) robots;
  • robots for motion along arbitrarily inclined surfaces; wall-climbing robots;
  • actuators and sensors for mobile robots;
  • mobile robots without external propelling devices; vibration-driven robots;
  • robots for extreme environments (fire fighting robots, demining robots, robots for cleanup of radioactively contaminated sites, space robots);
  • robotic exoskeletons for human beings.


robotics, mechatronics, robotic systems, manipulation robots, mobile robots, dynamics, control, optimization, basic research, applications.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Nikolai BolotnikCorresponding Member of RASHead of Laboratory40212-41+7 495 434 3501bolotnik
Ivan ErmolovD.Sc., Professor of RASDeputy Director,
Leading Researcher
36912-01+7 495 434 3547ermolov
Maxim KnyazkovPh.D.Senior Researcher11914-21+7 495 433 7766ipm_labrobotics
Evgeny SemenovPh.D.Senior Researcher11914-21+7 495 433 7766sim11650808
Vladislav ChashchukhinPh.D.Senior Researcher11813-48+7 495 433 7766ketlk
Artem SukhanovPh.D.Researcher11914-21+7 495 433 7766 
Philip Belchenko Junior Researcher11914-21+7 495 433 7766 
Olga Kotova Leading Programmer11813-48+7 495 433 7766 
Pavel Ostricov Leading Programmer11813-48+7 495 433 7766