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Laboratory of Interaction of Plasma and Radiation with Materials

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Research Topics

  • generation of the low-temperature plasma, its diagnostics and application to the modeling aerodynamic heating;
  • experimental studies of heat transfer in sub- and supersonic plasma flows;
  • thermochemical testing of thermal protection materials and TPS elements in high-enthalpy gas flows;
  • numerical simulation of induction plasma flows and heat transfer;
  • determination of catalytic properties of the surface of tested material with respect to atomic recombination;
  • self-organization phenomena in gas-discharges;
  • study of effect of corona discharge from pointed objects on lightning during a thunderstorm for purposes of lightning protection;
  • investigation of streamer-leader processes in laboratory, in lightning, and in the upper atmosphere ("blue jets" and "red sprites");
  • studies the anisotropy of materials and surrounding space.


induction plasmatrons, heat protection materials, experimental investigations, diagnostics of plasma, numerical simulation, heat transfer, heterogeneous recombination, gas discharge physics, anisotropy.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Anatoly Fedorovich KolesnikovD.Sc.Head of Laboratory40612-05+7 495 434 3674koles
Sergey Aleksandrovich VasilevskyPh.D.Senior Researcher38712-10+7 495 434 3265vasil
Mikhail Sergeevich MokrovPh.D.Senior Researcher38912-11+7 495 434 3265mmokrov
Alexey Vladimirovich ChaplyginPh.D.Researcher14212-84+7 495 434 1692chaplygin
Semen Sergeevich Galkin Leading Engineer15014-98+7 495 434 1664galkin
Ilya Vasilevich Lukomsky Leading Engineer2612-97+7 495 434 1465 
Tatiana Yur'evna Komovnikova Senior Engineer14812-19+7 495 434 1664 
Valentina Mikhailovna Mysova Senior Engineer14812-19+7 495 434 1664mysova
Elena Sergeevna Tepteeva Engineer14812-19+7 495 434 1664 
Yuriy Kondratevich Rulev Leading Technologist2812-96+7 495 434 1465 
Nina Fedorovna Mamyrkina Technician14812-19+7 495 434 1664 

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