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Laboratory of Mechanics of Strength and Fracture of Materials and Structures

Research Topics

  • mechanics of strength and fracture of structural components with cracks and crack-like defects under static, cyclic and dynamic loading as well as under the action of physical fields and active media;
  • mathematical methods of solid mechanics including analytical, qualitative and quantitative methods, numerical methods of boundary elements and boundary functional, computer codes for solving 3D-elasticity problems for bodies with cracks and other stress concentrators;
  • mechanics of material processing including material forming, modeling of defect formation during the processing, in particular, during mono-crystals grows;
  • development of methods and devices for express-evaluation of residual stresses and defect detection in structural components;
  • mechanics of ice and ice cover and its applications to the problems on ice navigation and design of ice resistance structures;
  • mechanics of deformation and fracture of polymer composites;
  • solid mechanics in applications to bio-medical problems including problems of artificial crystals of eyes, tissues, stomatology problems, biomechanics of cardiovascular implants.


fracture mechanics, multiscale structure, defect detection, strength.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Robert V. GoldsteinCorresponding Member of RASHead of Laboratory39512-17+7 495 434 3527goldst
Valerii V. VasilevMember of RASPrincipal Researcher32414-05+7 495 434 3565vvvsal
Efim I. ShifrinD.Sc., Assoc. Prof.Principal Researcher34014-12+7 495 434 3665shifrin
Sergei E. AlexandrovD.Sc., Assoc. Prof.Leading Researcher43212-36 sergei_alexandrov
Sergey V. KuznetsovD.Sc., ProfessorLeading Researcher31313-29+7 495 434 3283kuzn-sergey
Sergey A. LurieD.Sc.Leading Researcher32414-05+7 495 434 3565salurie
Aleksander L. PopovD.Sc., ProfessorLeading Researcher32614-05+7 495 434 3565popov
Anatoli I. ProstomolotovD.Sc.Leading Researcher37013-79+7 495 434 4153prosto
Aleksey A. AntonovD.Sc.Senior Researcher11313-46+7 495 433
Natal'ya A. VerezubPh.D.Senior Researcher37013-79+7 495 434 4153verezub
Dmitry V. GeorgievskiiD.Sc., Professor of RASSenior Researcher272 +7 495 433
Il'ya N. DashevskiPh.D.Senior Researcher215 +7 495 434 4314dash
Viktor P. EpifanovPh.D.Senior Researcher22013-49+7 495 433 6257evp
Viktor M. KozintsevPh.D.Senior Researcher11313-46+7 495 433 7755kozincev
Dmitry S. LisovenkoPh.D.Senior Researcher43212-36 lisovenk
Elena A. LyaminaPh.D.Senior Researcher43212-36 lyamina
Dmitri A. OnishchenkoPh.D.Senior Researcher272 +7 495 433 6257onish_da
Nikolai M. OsipenkoPh.D.Senior Researcher215 +7 495 434 4314osipnm
Mikhail N. Perel'muterD.Sc.Senior Researcher272 +7 495 433 6257perelm
Aleksander V. ChentsovPh.D.Senior Researcher43212-36 chentsov
Pavel S. ShushpannikovPh.D.Senior Researcher31413-28 shushpan
Vyacheslav V. MokryakovPh.D.Researcher43212-36 mokr
Mikhail A. Volkov Junior Researcher43212-36 volkovmikhl
Ivan M. Lebedev Junior Researcher314   
Dmitri A. Chelyubeev Junior Researcher11313-46+7 495 433 7755 
Vladimir A. PorohovPh.D.Leading Engineer21713-11+7 495 434 4314 
Alexey V. Podlesnykh Senior Engineer11313-46+7 495 433 7755 
Tatiana A. Serova Engineer215 +7 495 434 4314 
Elena A. Kasparova Programmer31413-28 korserpentis