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Laboratory of Tribology

Research Topics

  • modeling the contact and frictional interaction of rough surfaces at different scale levels;
  • analysis of the influence of surface adhesive interaction on contact characteristics and friction force;
  • development of the lubricated contact theory;
  • modeling the fracture of surface layers of interacting bodies during friction, development of the contact-fatigue wear models;
  • analysis of the influence of material inhomogeneity and coatings on the stress-strain state of interacting bodies and their fracture kinetics;
  • development of the computational methods for contact characteristics and friction forces in various joints;
  • development of the methods of solution for contact and wear problems and prognosis of durability for various joints;
  • application of the contact mechanics methods to the analysis of medical and biological problems;
  • development of experimental methods for studying friction and wear of materials;
  • analysis of friction surfaces by optical, atomic force, and electron microscopy.


tribology, contact mechanics, wear, friction, coatings, adhesion, viscoelasticity, multilevel roughness, indentation, surface microscopy.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Irina GoryachevaMember of RASHead of Laboratory41712-02+7 495 434 3692goryache
Dmitriy ZagorskiyPh.D.Leading Researcher22113-06+7 495 434 1587dzagorskiy
Ivan SoldatenkovD.Sc.Leading Researcher22113-06+7 495 434 1587iasoldat
Anastasia LyubichevaPh.D.Senior Researcher20713-00+7 495 434 3692lyubicheva
Yulia MakhovskayaPh.D.Senior Researcher20713-00+7 495 434 3692makhovskaya
Alexey MorozovPh.D.Senior Researcher14912-89+7 495 434 1587morozovalexei
Elena TorskayaD.Sc., Professor of RASSenior Researcher20713-00+7 495 434 3692torskaya
Alexey MezrinPh.D.Researcher14912-89+7 495 434 1587 
Boris SachekPh.D.Researcher14912-89+7 495 434 1587bsachek
Alexey ShpenevPh.D.Researcher20713-00+7 495 434 3692kel-a-kris
Fedor Stepanov Junior Researcher20713-00+7 495 434 3692stepanov_ipm 
Olga Stolyarova Junior Researcher22113-06+7 495 434 1587stoljarovaoo
Tamara Muravyeva Leading Engineer22113-06+7 495 434 1587 
Oleg OzerskiyPh.D.Leading Technologist14912-89+7 495 434 1587 
Pavel Bukovsky Engineer14912-89+7 495 434 1587 
Maxim Gubenko Engineer14912-89+7 495 434 1587gubenko
Tatiana Lycheva Engineer20713-00+7 495 434 3692 
Ivan Tyurin Engineer20713-00+7 495 434 3692