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Laboratory of Mechanics of Systems

Research Topics

  • analysis of complex mechanical systems;
  • research and implementation of the new models in nonlinear mechanics;
  • navigational systems and sensor units mechanics;
  • analysis of dry friction forces in rigid body contact regions;
  • mechanics of continuous media with complex rheology;
  • analytical dynamics and its applications to classical mechanics and celestial mechanics problems;
  • analysis of the wheel "shimmy" phenomenon.


analytical dynamics, Hamiltonian systems, dynamics of solids, gyroscopy and navigation, dispersive viscoplastic media, celestial mechanics.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Sergey A. ReshminCorresponding Member of RASHead of Laboratory38614-78+7 495 434 1565reshmin
Yury K. ZhbanovD.Sc., ProfessorPrincipal Researcher42614-63+7 495 433 7788yura.zhbanov
Victor Ph. ZhuravlevMember of RASPrincipal Researcher36413-84+7 495 434 3465zhurav
Anatoly P. MarkeevD.Sc., ProfessorPrincipal Researcher39213-76+7 495 434 3060markeev,
Alexander G. PetrovD.Sc., ProfessorLeading Researcher14713-39+7 495 434 1692petrovipmech
Alexey A. KireenkovPh.D.Senior Researcher14713-39+7 495 434 1692kireenk
Vladimir V. Vanovskiy Junior Researcher14713-39+7 495 434 1692vanovskiy
Dmitry A. Sukhoruchkin Leading Engineer14712-45+7 495 434 1692sukhor
Valentin V. FilatovPh.D.Leading Engineer13114-61+7 495 434 2010filatov
Elena S. Nekhaeva Leading Electronic Eng.13114-61+7 495 434 2010prival
Elena Yu. Alekhova Programmer42614-63+7 495 433 77880allena0
Vladimir Ya. Korzhanov Turner of 6th Category25813-92+7 495 433 8044