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Laboratory of Mechanics of Technological Processes

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Research Topics

  • mechanics of metamaterials;
  • mechanics of abnormal behavior of crystalline materials;
  • original software accessing specific problems of the mechanics of technological processes;
  • mathematical models and computational methods for the technologies of thermoelectric materials production by pressing and for technologies for obtaining photonic and microelectronics materials by crystallization from solutions and melts;
  • modeling of inelastic deformation and fracture processes in technologies including technologies for materials forming;
  • development of mathematical methods of research and solution in problems of solid mechanics, mechanics of strength and fracture;
  • development of geometric methods of continuum mechanics and their applications to modeling finite deformations of bodies of variable material composition;
  • mechanics of multiscale deformation of functional materials, including nanomaterials and composites;
  • methods of experimental study of polymers and biomaterials mechanical properties.


mechanics of technological processes, metamaterials, elasticity, plasticity, technological mechanics, mathematical methods, crystallization, materials forming, multiscale modeling, biopolymers.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Dmitry S. LisovenkoD.Sc.Head of Laboratory32814-09+7 495 433 3496lisovenk
Sergei E. AlexandrovD.Sc., Assoc. Prof.Leading Researcher43212-36 sergei_alexandrov
Valentin GorodtsovD.Sc., ProfessorLeading Researcher40813-51+7 495 434 4156gorod
Sergey A. LychevD.Sc., Assoc. Prof.Leading Researcher368 +7 495 434 3392lychevsa
Anatoli I. ProstomolotovD.Sc., Assoc. Prof.Leading Researcher37013-79+7 495 434 4153aprosto
Natal'ya A. VerezubPh.D., Assoc. Prof.Senior Researcher37013-79+7 495 434 4153verezub
Dmitry V. GeorgievskiiD.Sc., Professor of RASSenior Researcher43212-36
Elena A. LyaminaPh.D., Assoc. Prof.Senior Researcher43212-36 lyamina
Aleander V. ChentsovPh.D.Senior Researcher43212-36 chentsov
Mikhail A. VolkovPh.D.Researcher43212-36 volkovmikhl
Vladimir A. PorokhovPh.D.Leading Engineer21713-11+7 495 434 4314 
Iusup N. SaifutdinovPh.D.Leading Engineer368 +7 495 434 3392jusufsay
David V. Gandilyan Engineer105   
Dim M. Idrisov Engineer105   
Valentin G. Tkachenko Engineer105   
Egor P. Fadeev Engineer105   

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