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Laboratory of Modelling in Solid Mechanics

Research Topics

  • mechanics of growing solids;
  • computational mechanics of solids and fluids;
  • contact mechanics and fracture mechanics of solids;
  • mechanics of time-dependent materials;
  • mechanics of thin-walled structures;
  • micromechanics of damage and facture of nonlinear materials;
  • problems of continuum mechanics with mixed boundary conditions;
  • construction of models of complex continuum media;
  • nonlinear wave propagation in solids;
  • kinematics and thermodynamics of finite deformations of solids;
  • mathematical methods in mechanics.


growing solids, elastic, plastic, computational mechanics, contact, finite deformations, holographic.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Sergey V. NesterovD.Sc., ProfessorPrincipal Researcher24114-72+7 495 434 3529 
Nikolay G. BuragoD.Sc.Leading Researcher31013-32+7 495 434 4135burago
Yuri N. RadayevD.Sc., ProfessorLeading Researcher33014-35+7 495 434 3592radayev
Viktor P. EpifanovD.Sc.Senior Researcher22013-49+7 495 433 6257evp
Kirill E. KazakovPh.D., Assoc. Prof.Senior Researcher316 +7 495 434 4639kazakov,
Evgenii V. MurashkinPh.D.Senior Researcher32714-03+7 495 434 3456murashkin,
Dmitry A. ParshinPh.D.Senior Researcher316 +7 495 434 4639parshin
Pavel S. Bychkov Junior Researcher21313-05+7 495 434 0169bychkov
Nikita E. Stadnik Junior Researcher32714-03+7 495 434 3456 
Aleksei M. Bururuev Leading Engineer32514-04+7 495 434
Timofey K. Nesterov Programmer32514-04+7 495 434 3456