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Laboratory of Physical Gas Dynamics

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Research Topics

  • cosmic gas dynamics;
  • physics of the interplanetary medium;
  • interaction of the solar wind with the interstellar medium and comet atmospheres;
  • numerical simulation of turbulent flows and heat transfer in three-dimensional unsteady boundary layers;
  • numerical investigation of nonstationary flow of multicomponent reacting gas mixtures with particles of the solid phase.


cosmic gas dynamics, solar wind, interplanetary medium, local interstellar medium, comet atmospheres, cosmic rays, unsteady boundary layers, reacting gas mixtures.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Vladislav V. IzmodenovD.Sc., Professor of RASLeading Researcher43314-40+7 495 434 4189izmod
Aleksandr P. KalininD.Sc.Leading Researcher42912-38+7 495 434 4151kalinin
Andrey A. MarkovD.Sc., ProfessorLeading Researcher34113-75+7 495 434 3374a_a_markov
Dmitry B. AlexashovPh.D.Senior Researcher43314-40+7 495 434 4189alexash
Vyacheslav M. ZubarevPh.D.Researcher34113-75+7 495 434 3374zubarev
Egor A.Godenko Junior Researcher42112-37+7 495 434 4151egodenko
Nikolai A.BelovPh.D.Leading Engineer42112-37+7 495 434 4151belov

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