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Laboratory of Mechanics and Optimization of Structures

Research Topics

  • vibrations and stability of membrane-plate systems performing high-speed movement and interacting with external media and optimization of vibration suppression;
  • variational methods in mechanics of solids and development of efficient computational algorithms of local and global optimization;
  • optimization of structures from homogeneous and composite materials under strength and longevity constraints;
  • problems with incomplete data in solid mechanics and the theory of multi-objective optimal structural design;
  • static and dynamic problems of contact interaction including optimization problems;
  • stability of straight movement of bodies in deformed medium taken into account friction and rotation with respect to axis of symmetry;
  • experimental study of high-speed penetration of strikers, perforation of protection systems and motion of rigid bodies in various media.


structural mechanics, optimal design.


PersonalityDegreePositionRoomPhone (int)Phone (ext) 
Nikolay Vladimirovich BanichukD.Sc., ProfessorHead of Laboratory41414-85+7 495 434 8164banichuk
Sergey Dmitrievich AlgazinD.Sc., Assoc. Prof.Leading Researcher40412-09 algazinsd
Svetlana Yuryevna IvanovaPh.D.Leading Researcher42412-26+7 495 434 1467ivanova
Vasily Vasilyevich SaurinD.Sc., Assoc. Prof.Leading Researcher32013-23+7 495 434 9316saurin
Yury Karlovich BivinPh.D.Senior Researcher1313-09+7 495 434 4664osipenko
Kirill Yuryevich OsipenkoPh.D.Senior Researcher1313-09+7 495 434 4664osipenko
Konstantin Vladimirovich KukudzhanovPh.D.Researcher32013-23+7 495 434 9316kconstantin
Viktoriya Felixovna Ivanova Senior Programmer42512-27+7 495 434 1467